back after being absent far too long.

may be moving links.

Saw the first signs of spring, (dandelions) and fastened them together with a blade of grass. I do hope the faeries will find it ... (I've left it on a little trees stump at the bottom of the garden) 

Its quite sunny and bright today, which is a lovely break from the cold rain we have been having. ( I do apologize, I know the weather is terribly boring) I am feeling better now that spring is on it's way. 

Been thinking of... tea parties, daffodils, sunshine, linen, handkerchiefs, lemonade, iced tea, lemon tarts, clotted cream, daisy chains, books, writing on papyrus, white dresses, hair ribbons, picnic baskets, bike rides, walks in the woods, new beginnings. 

Hope you are all well. 

ps. please excuse the above drawing, I'm not exactly wonderful at sketches. (: